TSI Core Programs

A full list of all TSI supported species and the types of sequencing being done can be found in this Google Sheet.

The TSI has two core programs:

  1. Genomics Library Program that aims to:
    1. develop long-read reference genomes for key threatened species in Australia;
    2. develop associated population data to assist conservation agencies to understand:
      • functional gene characterisation (e.g. immune genes, reproductive genes, behaviour genes, heat tolerance genes)
      • genome-wide diversity (population differentiation, population genetic diversity, inbreeding effects)
  2. Genomics in Conservation Management: develop an easy-to-use online toolkit for routine adoption of genetic analysis in threatened species management plans.

The specific activities for each species are outlined in the below spreadsheet to encourage and enhance collaboration and avoid duplication of research.

Click here to see the Project Tracking Sheet.

If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact the TSI Project Manager, Sarah Richmond,